White Hot Summer

Eatertainment’s second annual Beats + Eats bash showed off the catering company’s fun and clever event ideas

Eatertainment Events & Catering (eatertainment.com)

Eatertainment’s headquarters at 29 Booth Avenue in Toronto

EVENT DETAILS: Eatertainment Events & Catering’s second annual Beats + Eats bash in Toronto took place in August 2018. The event showcased Eatertainment’s fresh ideas in food, drinks, decor and entertainment to about 225 loyal clients, industry peers, suppliers and the media.

HIGHLIGHTS: The event’s theme was “White Hot Summer,” and guests were asked to wear something white or hot (or both!). The theme was carried through the event décor, with heavenly white clouds set above the seafood station and cocktail bar, and a 10-foot white balloon DJ booth. Guests entered the event through a flower garden complete with operating swing and edible sweet tree, with tasty truffles and mini desserts courtesy of Delysées. The “Chill Out” room was encased in a custom holographic vinyl wrap (courtesy of Get Wrapped), with a cereal bar featuring such nostalgic childhood favorites as Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Other dining options included mac-and-cheese served out of a Parmesan cheese wheel, with custom toppings ranging from jalapeños to Cheetos. Mango-flavored boozy ice pops were served to guests outside toward the end of the night.

The back alleyway was transformed into a Moroccan-style lounge with plush purple couches from Divine Furniture Rental. DJ Spectrum Agency spun tunes in two areas, and a well-known Toronto drag queen performed three songs. Meanwhile, graffiti artist Duro the Third painted a live mural during the event. “It was a new take on the common celebratory saying ‘Eat, Drink, and Be Merry,’ which summarizes the party—and Eatertainment’s philosophy—perfectly,” says Sebastien Centner, Eatertainment’s owner and creative director.

THE BEST-LAID PLANS: “We planned this event two months in advance, and two days before the party we received a production notice there would be filming in the building beside ours, which has never happened,” says Suzanne Dunbar, Eatertainment’s director of marketing and public relations. “Their trucks lined the street, blocking our suppliers’ access and delivery at various times, causing a few hiccups, but we carried on and made it work.”

Heavenly white clouds above the cocktail bar. Photo by George Pimentel

Guests could choose treats from a sweet tree. Photo by George Pimentel

A cereal bar featured nostalgic childhood favorites. Photo by George Pimentel