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Sunkist® is pleased to announce the launch of its new Pro Series Citrus Juicer. A smaller, more compact juicer, offering the same Sunkist® quality with pricing oh so attractive. Able to extract up to 10 gallons per hour with its high torque direct-drive motor. Crafted in the USA.

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BLAZE is proud to be the clear leader in the food service industry! We have been producing the hottest and safest chafing dish fuels for over 25 years. BLAZE is UL tested and Kosher approved. Our products are made in the USA from raw materials produced in the USA.


Service Ideas Innovative Solutions A family company, Service Ideas has provided innovative, mutually profitable solutions to enhance presentation and maintain the integrity of beverage and food service, since 1946. Our product line originated from the need to solve problems in our own restaurant and we continue to grow from this knowledge focusing on quality and service. For more information or to request a catalog of their full offering, please contact Service Ideas, Inc. at 1-800-328-4493.