Hot Commodity

By Sara Perez Webber

In 1914, Sterno Canned Heat was launched. The chafing fuel was such a success, it’s become one of those brand names used interchangeably with the product itself.

“For more than 100 years, the name ‘Sterno’ has been synonymous with keeping food at an ideal and safe serving temperature,” says Craig Carnes, president of Sterno Products. “As one of the most recognized brands in the foodservice industry, we are committed to offering products that demonstrate superior quality, unwavering reliability and failure-proof confidence.” Continue reading »

Smoothie Sailing

How joining forces with a fellow Maui Wowi franchisee, networking and careful planning helped my mobile cart business grow and thrive

By Michelle Barton

Like millions of people caught in the doldrums of corporate America, I needed a break from my day job. I was a paralegal, and felt as if I were chained to my desk and longed for a beach vacation. For similar reasons, my current business partner, Chad Debolt, was also searching for his next adventure. Continue reading »

Desert Bounty

How Executive Chef Paul Hancock is establishing a farm-to-fork culinary oasis at Southern California’s Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa

By Sara Perez Webber

Growing up on a small North Carolina island, Paul Hancock remembers exchanging fresh eggs with neighbors for goat cheese and milk, and standing on a chair next to his grandmother as she made collard greens and cornmeal dumplings. Continue reading »

Tips from ezCater

Boston-based ezCater ( has grown rapidly since its founding in 2007. A nationwide marketplace for business-to-business catering, ezCater connects more than 60,000 caterers and restaurants with businesses in more than 22,000 U.S. cities and towns who want reliable office food delivery. About half of the caterers and restaurants in the ezCater network are independent operators. Continue reading »

How to Control Your Food Cost and Explode Your Profits

These five simple systems can help you rein in food costs

By David Scott Peters,

Most caterers point to their food distributors and ask me how they can ever make a profit when rising food prices seem so out of control. The truth is food prices are just a small part of your challenges. What you do with your product has a much bigger impact than what you’re paying for product. Continue reading »

On the Fast Track

With the first Prova Pizzabar satisfying commuters and visitors alike in New York’s Grand Central Terminal, Chef Donatella Arpaia plans to open more nationwide—the latest venture in her remarkable career

By Sara Perez Webber

Donatella Arpaia beat out more than 300 competitors for her fast-casual restaurant’s spot at Grand Central Terminal in New York. Continue reading »

Choosing the Right Lease Term

When negotiating the rental terms for your catering business location, it pays to understand lease term alternatives

By Jeff Grandfield and Dale Willerton –The Lease Coach

When the time comes for you to move your catering business out of your own kitchen to leasing commercial space (and paying rent to a landlord), or when you’re renewing a current lease, here’s one of the questions you need to answer—how long of a lease term should I choose? Continue reading »

Art Deco Dream

Kat Creech Events won the NACE One award for “Best Wedding of the Year” (budget greater than $100,000) for this April 2016 art deco-infused event. Creech says the bride and groom “liked the idea of a not-so-literal ‘Gatsby’ inspiration, but wanted to focus on the dreamer vibe of the era. They loved the minimal use of color and maximum use of different texture.” Continue reading »

Tech to the Rescue

Software for the catering industry is continually improving, with companies launching new features that help you run your business more smoothly By Sara Perez Webber Think about running your business without your desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone. If that sounds daunting, it’s because so many of the tasks a catering company completes every day—from employee scheduling to delivery logistics to calculating food costs—are completed … Continue reading »