Tech to the Rescue

Software for the catering industry is continually improving, with companies launching new features that help you run your business more smoothly By Sara Perez Webber Think about running your business without your desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone. If that sounds daunting, it’s because so many of the tasks a catering company completes every day—from employee scheduling to delivery logistics to calculating food costs—are completed … Continue reading »

Beachfront Vow Renewal

Seaside elegance characterized this summer event by Mi Chicas Celebrations By Sara Perez Webber EVENT PLANNER: Mi Chicas Celebrations VENUE: Lighthouse Point Park, New Haven, Conn. EVENT DETAILS: Mother-and-daughter team Davii Mandel and Chany Kleinberger from Mi Chicas Celebrations in Spring Valley, N.Y., planned, designed and coordinated vendors for this June 2016 vow renewal. The ceremony took place outside on the beach underneath a chuppah, … Continue reading »

Vet Cost Control Systems

Tips for choosing technology to help your catering operation be more profitable By Mark Kelnhofer, MBA Operating and managing a foodservice business has many challenges. Whether you’re running a restaurant, catering operation, hotel or casino, the right technology can assist you in becoming more efficient and profitable. Systems create more formalized processes and controls to increase the discipline of your operations. Deciding which cost-control system … Continue reading »

Art of the Party

The Pérez Art Museum Miami raised more than $1 million at this glittering gala By Sara Perez Webber CATERER: STARR Catering Group VENUE: Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) EVENT DETAILS: For the Art of the Party, an annual gala that took place on April 1 at the Pérez Art Museum Miami, STARR Catering Group collaborated with a well-known chef and other vendors to create an … Continue reading »

Blasts from the Past

Andrew Spurgin delights his clients and their guests with imaginative, immersive Culinary Time Travel events By Sara Perez Webber Andrew Spurgin, chef and founder of San Diego-based Andrew Spurgin, Bespoke event styling & menu design, has a thing for old cookbooks. He loves perusing classic ones—such as Escoffier’s Le Guide Culinaire—and leafing through vintage menus from formal state affairs, restaurants and ships, many digitized by … Continue reading »

Surviving a Minimum Wage Increase

How to adjust your business operations to remain profitable as labor costs go up By David Scott Peters, Let me start off by saying this is not a political soapbox article. I don’t care what side of the political fence you live on; my goal is to teach you the one thing you need to learn to survive the minimum wage increases that are … Continue reading »

Taking Care of Business – Tips for crafting the right menu for drop-off workplace catering

By Kerry Montgomery, Director of Enterprise Caterer Partnerships, ezCater According to foodservice research firm Technomic, business catering is on the rise and already worth an estimated $21 billion annually. The growing demand for food in the workplace is contributing to this growth, and is presenting caterers and restaurants that do most of their business on nights and weekends with a tremendous opportunity to maximize their … Continue reading »

How to Start a Wellness Program

Involving your employees in healthy lifestyle changes can benefit the entire company By Lynn Hay How many times have you put off starting a wellness program—or even creating healthier choices for yourself—because you got “too busy” at work or “life got in the way”? Here’s one way to make it easier to incorporate wellness into your lifestyle—create a program at your business that gets all … Continue reading »

Profile – The Art of Catering

By Sara Perez Webber As CEO, Simon Powles orchestrates the success of Starr Catering Group, which serves customers at iconic cultural centers and beyond How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Well, you could practice, practice, practice, as the old saying goes. Or you could hold a wedding or function there—an increasingly popular option at the iconic New York concert hall, where Starr Catering Group … Continue reading »

Prepare Your Business to Book More Same-Sex Weddings

By Bernadette Smith, founder of the Gay Wedding Institute Steps to take to better serve the LGBT market Nationwide marriage equality brings tremendous opportunity for your catering business. The financial opportunity is obvious, but perhaps more exciting, same-sex weddings and LGBT events may bring new energy and a fresh perspective to your business. If you’re interested in shifting your perspective to best market and cater … Continue reading »