Serving Up Smiles

Little Pleasures’ 5-foot cake-shaped freezer holds up to 80 ice cream cones and boasts interactive features.

Little Pleasures showed how its “Catertainment” serving ware enhances presentation at a New York reception

Little Pleasures, New York

Jimmys 38 NYC in midtown Manhattan

EVENT DETAILS: New York-based Little Pleasures held an event in April for about 80 guests that showcased its proprietary “Catertainment” technology. The three-year-old company specializes in passed appetizers and desserts served on 15 different types of proprietary serving platters that interact with guests, and leases its equipment to other caterers.

HIGHLIGHTS: At the event, guests were entertained with examples of serving equipment exclusively designed and manufactured by Little Pleasures, such as its LED remote-control edible flavored bubble machines, which allow customers to catch bubbles with their mouths; three battery-operated platters with different functions—one cold-smokes the appetizer in front of the guest on the platter, another emits a sublimation fog for a tropical effect while keeping food warm, while the third, a dessert platter with LED lights and sound effects, shoots edible confetti; and a blast chiller that makes bite-sized frozen ice cream or sorbet lollipops in less than 15 minutes.

As guests nibbled on cucumber-and-smoked-salmon appetizers and petite French pastries, among other goodies, Little Pleasures’ pièce de résistance was also showcased—a 5-foot electromechanical cake-shaped freezer that holds up to 80 frozen ice cream cones and treats, keeping them at serving temperature for up to 1.5 hours. The “cake” features a large edible-confetti cannon that shoots sprinkles onto the desserts; an LED music show, with wireless microphones so guests can sing along; electronic rotation; the ability to shoot flames from its top for outdoor events; and—the latest novelty—the Cake Vape, a hookah-type attachment that allows those 21-and-over to, without nicotine, smoke their favorite cake flavor with zero calories (in this case, Bavarian Chocolate Cream).

“Guests were amazed with our unique presentation style and many inquired about our services for future events,” explains Scott McCullough, CEO and founder. “Most of the guests wondered who else in catering was doing this type of stuff, and currently it’s only Little Pleasures.”

THE BEST-LAID PLANS: “There was a slow leak in the confetti cannon compression system that only allowed two blasts from the cannon as opposed to the usual six,” explains McCullough. “I used this time between blasts to better engage customers and build their curiosity and excitement.”

The company’s flavored bubble machines allow customers to catch bubbles with their mouths.