Hot Products

Event rental and sales companies reveal their most popular items—and why they’re flying off the shelves
What’s trending at event rental and sales companies? To find out, we asked some of the industry’s major players which products are most popular and up-and-coming with their catering and event-planning clients. They clued us in to what’s hot, and explained the trends they reflect.

A-1 Tablecloth Company

Product: Panama faux linen fabric

With a “basket weave” appearance, this textured fabric made in 100% polyester allows for increased washability and color-fastness. It’s available for both rental and purchase in five serene earth tones (more colors coming soon).

A-1 Tablecloth's Panama faux linen fabric in Natural

A-1 Tablecloth’s Panama faux linen fabric in Natural

Why It’s Hot: With the focus on the farm-to-table movement and on buying local, the rustic, “farm chic” look is increasingly popular. The earthy Panama fabric reflects this trend.

Product: Table runners

Lengths of fabric constructed to accent a table setting, table runners may be manufactured to any length and width, though their standard size is 12 inches by 108 inches. A-1 Tablecloth’s clients can choose from straight, angled or pointed ends. The runners are available in more than 40 fabrics and hundreds of colors, for both rental and purchase.

Why They’re Hot:

Runners have become increasingly popular as designers are looking to accent their table settings. They want to show off a “farm chic” look without covering the entire table. Customers can choose from a center vertical runner, or place the runners horizontally across the table for a different look.

Ultimate Textile

Product: Fandango fabric

Fandango is a 118-inch-wide herringbone weave fabric. It’s newly available in 15 colors for rental or purchase.

Why It’s Hot: Fandango represents the first time a herringbone weave has been introduced as a party linen. Until now, it has been most recognizable in fashion and home furnishings.

Product: Havana faux burlap

Now 118 inches wide, Havana faux burlap is newly available in 15 colors for rental or purchase.

Why It’s Hot: Havana offers a faux burlap look but is also characterized by its linen weave. The solid texture is a popular trend in the textile business this year.

CORT Event Furnishings

Product: Powered Roma and Naples collections

The Napoleon Wedding Package from Cort Event Furnishings (chaise lounge, white chairs and ottoman).

The Napoleon Wedding Package from Cort Event Furnishings (chaise lounge, white chairs and ottoman).

The Powered Roma and Naples furniture collections include sofas, loveseats and chairs, with A/C plugs and USB ports built right into the arms.

Why They’re Hot: Guests can stay connected and charge their devices from the comfort of their seats, while the stylish look of an event is maintained with sleek, comfortable furniture.

Product: Napoleon Collection

The French-inspired Napoleon Collection includes colored Napoleon armchairs and the Napoleon chaise lounge, as well as accent and dining tables to complete the elegant look.

Why It’s Hot: The Napoleon Collection is a modern take on a classic style that gives planners the ability to customize their designs with different colors or create a classic white fairytale wedding. The ability to incorporate personal style and individuality is becoming more important to couples looking to create a memorable event.

Drape Kings

Product: Pipe and drape

Used to create spaces and hide areas, the basics of pipe and drape include the drape, available in a host of colors and fabrics from Drape Kings; the header/horizontal, a valance sleeved onto an adjustable horizontal support; telescoping uprights, a slip-lock feature that easily locks when the pole is raised or lowered; the base; and a sandbag.

Why It’s Hot: One of the biggest trends in event planning is creating a unique space where no one has been before and making a style statement. With the simple use of pipe and drape, the possibilities to transform a rental space are endless—line the walls with a new color, hide the catering set-up, tent the ceiling or uplight an Austrian curtain.

Creative Coverings

Product: Custom Couture Throw Pillows

Now available in 14-inch-by-14-inch squares or 12-inch-by-16-inch rectangles, the throw pillows are available in a wide range of options, including solids, prints, embellished overlays and couture fabrics.

Why They’re Hot

One of Creative Coverings’ “green” initiatives, the pillows utilize recycled fabric, and help extend the tabletop design into lounge areas. l