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At Bema, flexible is not only how we describe our products, it’s the way we do business. Be assured that our response will be swift and accurate. Our Flo-Paq offers you the easiest way to store and distribute liquids. Flo-Paq is perfect for catering services. Flo-Paq dramatically reduces storage costs.


Blanc de Bleu Cuvee Mousseux

Blanc de Bleu is the world’s first blue sparkling wine with a kiss of organic blueberry. Unique and special for couples that deserve something blue in their magical moments. Blanc de Bleu is a dry, crisp, sparkling grape wine with organic blueberry juice concentrate and certified color and perfect for any special occasion or celebration. Blanc de Bleu is marketed by Bronco Wine Company. Visit to find the nearest retailer. Drink responsibly.

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