The Secret to Continued Profit

The Festive Kitchen has nine revenue streams, including corporate event catering. In the Great Recession of 2008, most catering companies were down 30-45 percent in overall gross sales. It was definitely a tough time. I didn’t hear many of my peers discussing profits. Instead the discussion revolved around keeping the doors open—and many couldn’t. A few examples: Catering Company A closed because all they catered … Continue reading »

On the Grill – Ideas and Inspiration for Your Next Cookout

Grilled Stuffed Pears with Mascarpone and Bacon Recipe created by Chef Geoff Kelty,  Eddie Merlot’s, Columbus, Ohio YIELD: 12 (1 pear half with 2 to 3 tablespoons filling per person)   Poached Pears INGREDIENTS 4 cups granulated sugar 4 cups white wine Juice of 3 lemons 3 vanilla beans, split and scraped 6 Bartlett USA Pears, cored and halved METHOD 1. Combine sugar, white wine, … Continue reading »

Boost Your Catering Business with Video

By Becky Brooks Reach more potential customers by incorporating video into your marketing strategy.   If you’re like many caterers out there, you probably rely heavily on word of mouth when it comes to marketing your own business: A bride-to-be remembers the delicious food she had at a friend’s wedding, asks who the caterer was, and—voila!—you’ve got a new client. But if you’re interested in aggressively … Continue reading »

Gluten-free Catering 101

  By Beckee Moreland, Beyond Celiac What to consider to ensure you’re safely serving gluten-free food Gluten-free food continues to grow in popularity, resulting in increased options for people living with celiac disease. While more options plus better-tasting varieties are welcomed by the gluten-free community, food safety—especially when eating outside the home—remains a top concern. When clients hire a caterer for an event, they want … Continue reading »

New Releases That Inspire and Inform

The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen: A Fresh Take on Tradition (Sterling Epicure, 2015) Amelia Saltsman was inspired to write The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen after she shared her recipe for roasted carrot and sweet potato tzimmes on social media, and it went viral. So did a blog post on leek and green garlic matzah brei, and a photo of homemade gefilte fish. “In that instant that tradition … Continue reading »