Vegan Revisited!

Caterers are responding to rising requests with surprisingly delectable dishes

By Deanne Moskowitz

The vegan population in the United States last year reached 6 percent, according to a report published in June by GlobalData, a U.K. research company. That percentage may not seem noteworthy, until you realize that the number was 1 percent in 2014—a 500 percent increase in a period of only three years. Continue reading »

Clever and Creative

Caterers are raising the bar with their station set-ups, capturing guests’ attention with imaginative food-and-drink displays

By Sara Perez Webber

When it comes to creativity, stations are in no way stationary. Caterers, hotels and even convention centers continue to come up with ways to make their food-and-drink stations and buffets engage the imagination as they whet the appetite. Read on for examples of clever and creative station concepts that keep ’em coming back for more. Continue reading »

What 2018 Will Bring to the Table

Looking ahead to restaurant and special event trends expected to emerge in the new year

By Jonathan Morse, CEO and Founder of Tripleseat

As we begin 2018, it’s time to take a look back at some popular trends in the industry—and predict which ones will continue. One of the biggest trends of last year was the increase in private dining arrangements, as venues provided customers with more of a unique and personal experience. At Tripleseat, we believe this type of dining will remain popular in 2018. Continue reading »

Taking the Cake

What wedding cake trends are hitting the sweet spot? Talented bakers fill us in on their customers’ top requests

By Sara Perez Webber

A wedding cake must serve two purposes. It has to look good—the cake takes center stage for at least part of the reception, after all, and shows up in wedding albums for generations to come; and taste good, as an eagerly awaited sweet treat to cap off a good meal.

These days, the cake also increasingly reflects the style and personalities of the couple getting married.

So what types of cake are brides and grooms choosing to serve their guests?

We asked some talented bakers and cake artists to fill us in on the trends. Continue reading »

From Seeds to Celebration

By Sara Perez Webber

When Betsy Nicholas was planning her wedding to Jason Hough, she knew she wanted the reception to reflect her life’s work. Nicholas is the executive director of Waterkeepers Chesapeake, a coalition of nonprofit organizations that works to protect the waters of the Chesapeake region from pollution, as well as the founder of Fair Farms Maryland, a group that works toward a sustainable food system.

“Since healthy food and sustainable practices are such an important part of my life and my career, I felt that they should also be part of my wedding and sought to work with like-minded vendors,” she says.

So Nicholas contacted College Park, Md.-based Catering By Seasons, the full-service catering arm of La Prima Food Group, a company she knew through Fair Farms Maryland. “I was contacted back by the owner, Dave Evans, with an enthusiastic response,” says Nicholas. “He expressed his strong commitment to the values we share in using farming as a way to nourish the body, land and waterways. He provided the inspiration to have the food grown specifically for the wedding at local Maryland farms, and I loved the idea.” Continue reading »

Insider’s Insight: Marketing to Millennials

By Lauren Randolph

Are you aware that, according to global wedding market research firm Splendid Insights, 90 percent of marriages these days are between millennial couples? No matter what part of the wedding industry you are involved in, you are surrounded by millennials every day.

Millennials so far outnumber Gen Xers and Baby Boomers that if you are not focusing how you sell, market and promote your business specifically to millennials, you may be missing out on a huge chunk of business.

Continue reading »

All Aboard

From hors d’oeuvres to desserts, cheese is picking up steam on catering menus

By Deanne Moskowitz

At a debutante party catered by Joel Catering and Special Events in New Orleans, cheese was a big mover. Four themed carts, effectively uber-stations, delivered cheese and drink assortments to a cheese-hungry crowd of nearly 1,000, reports Sarah Hall, company president. But Joel Catering isn’t the only place where cheese is on a roll. Continue reading »

Oh, What Fun!

December events that added extra holiday sparkle to make spirits bright

By Sara Perez Webber

Events that take place during the holiday season have an extra bit of revelry built in—whether they’re celebrating the holidays or another happy occasion that happens to coincide with the season. The following events took full advantage of their calendar date, warming guests with good food, festive décor and much merriment. Continue reading »

How to: Think Like an Event Planner

By Jonathan Morse, CEO and founder of Tripleseat

Eleven tips to help improve your sales and service

Event planners, service teams and sales teams need each other: You can’t plan events without having any clients, and you can’t get clients without offering top-notch services and events. However, miscommunications and misunderstandings between services and sales and event planners can lead to mistakes. Sales staff may be making promises that can’t be fulfilled on the service side. Or the service team may not be communicating the depth and breadth of what they provide to clients. How can you make sure your people are on the same page? Continue reading »

Hot Pots!

The Asian culinary fire keeps spreading, with Korean and Hawaiian influences fanning the flames

By Deanne Moskowitz

The fastest-growing ethnic population in the United States between the years 2010 and 2015 was Asian, according to United States Census data, so it’s not surprising that Asian influences are strong on catering menus. But credit for the evolving manifestations of the trend, and its expression in Westernized and fusion dishes goes to—you guessed it—the millennials, both the first-generation American offspring of immigrants and young people with unrelated ancestry. Continue reading »